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About Loaves & Fishes...

Loaves & Fishes is an outreach ministry of Liberty. Our goal is to show the same love that Jesus showed by providing food, clothing, care and spiritual support for those less fortunate in our community...WORSHIP. We also offer testimony and guidance to lead others to salvation in Christ and provide an opportunity to serve the members of our community in L & F...DISCIPLE. We encourage obedient giving so that we may understand and practice biblical financial stewardship and support the ministry of the church in our community to spread the Gospel of Christ...MULTIPLY.


Loaves & Fishes Schedule:

Loaves & Fishes Schedule: 4th Weekend

Friday 2 - 4 PM

  • Pre-Packaged Foods

Saturday 8:30 - 10 AM:

  • Food Choice

  • Free Thrift Store Items

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